Monday, May 14, 2012

Canyon View Trail to Little Yosemite

      Sunol Regional Wilderness

Green Meadows at the Canyon View Trail
After 2 weeks of searching we found a 45 mins drive from Mountain View downtown to a beautiful park at East Bay for a sunny Sunday morning leasurly hike.

Sunol Regional Wilderness offers 6 easy to moderate treks in green meadows,rocky East Bay mountains and beautiful view of the canyon and waterfall in Little Yosemite area.

Its overwhelmingly green
After planning and preparation we decided to try the easy one with grand vista of Little Yosemite via Canyon View Trail to season our not-so-experienced legs in tough hiking trails. The initial confusion were to find the actual trail of Canyon View which were started after few feet of hike in the Indian Joe Creek trail. We spent 15-20 mins wondering in a path which leads nowhere in the woods. 

But finally we found the fork and the road sign for the planned trail,after that it was smooth.Though the 1 mile trail still has gentle rise and elevation and narrow trekking path with rocks and pebbles were we had to be very careful not to make a fall!

The Grand View
It was overwhelmingly green around.The view throughtout the trail is best any hiker can expect! The open side in the right you can see the green meadows in the mountains,some places the trail is narrow and made my heart sink with the elevation.We tried a not-so-conventional downhill path in the middle of the trail to reach a bird's eye view where we can see the grand view of green mountains and little Yosemite falls underneath.

Little Yosemite
We started around 10:30 in the morning and reached the Little Yosemite area walking almost 1.4 miles in  the Canyon View trail. It was the same route back to the visitor center. We bumped into a cattle resting in the shades of tree creating a road block while coming back and catching a snake on the way to the falls taking a nice sunbath. Overall a nice way to work out in the weekend. We didn't try the other trails as we had to come back early. 

But soon enough we will make another visit to Sunol to try the Indian Joe Creek and Flag Hill Trail which would be slightly tougher than this one.

There is no end how much California can offer in such a feasible distance in all the National Parks and its excellent views!

For more information about Sunol Regional Wilderness you can visit this link.

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