Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunset at Discovery Park

Dried grassland
If you don't have a whole day,still you want to experience a beautiful trail walk just for jogging alone,Photography or little bit of hanging out with friends or family,Discovery Park is a great option for people living in Seattle.Not to mention,if you are visiting Seattle for the first time,then you can't miss Discovery Park for sure,because probably it offers one of the best views of Seattle from a very convenient distance from downtown.

From the trail
The last evening of my short stay in Seattle at Fall 2011, we decided to visit this park. The bus took us from the downtown to Magnolia and the beautiful trail starts right there. The dried grass,marsh lands and dense forest trail can lead you to a concealed beach,which cannot be seen from the woods or the trail unless you actually reach there.There are a number of interlaced trails from which we chose a trail inside the forest,which has a downward slope with some stair-stepped and the glimpse of the sea from the inter-wined branches of the dense trees.

The puget sound beach has a large rough sandy beach. Some parts covered with rock scrambles and pebbles. Surfers and mariners are having good time because the wild sea animals can be seen resting in the small islands in the sea.Though we didn't have luck for that. The West Point Lighthouse gives the beach-area a picturesque beauty which can easily put into a Hallmark Greetings Card. The evening light made the entire waterfront ethereal,a total worth of all the time spend travelling by bus or walking by the jungle trail.

Lighthouse at the Sunset and the Olympic mountains
The Park is situated well above the waterfront and Mount Rainer can be visible on a clear day. Just sitting leasurly in a bench and catching the sunset in the olympic Mountains is always breathtaking for me.

Sunset from the park above
I am not sure whether I could make another visit to Discovery Park ,yet the photos taken in the discovery sunset,will always remind me the bountiful offerings of nature.

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